F-Secure Anti Virus

Moncre is pleased to offer its customers the most advanced in anti-virus protection

Better security for your online life

F-Secure® PC Protection Plus® offers better security online without slowing down your computer. The completely redesigned new version is significantly lighter and faster while offering enhanced protection against all Internet threats. The new Browsing Protection feature tells you which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites are blocked automatically to ensure safe surfing while renewed Parental Control keeps children safe from inappropriate web content. Automatic updates and advanced DeepGuard® cloud computing technology ensure the fastest protection against all new threats. Extensive usability studies have helped us design a user experience that ensures safe PC use. Still undecided, then download our FREE 30-Day Evaluation Version and the Quick Setup Guide directly from us below. It is now ONLY $2.00 a month!

Better Protection

The new Browsing Protection feature tells you very simply which websites are safe to enter and which to avoid. Harmful sites designed to spread malware or to steal your online identity, such as banking details, are automatically blocked to ensure a totally safe web experience. Redesigned scanning technology means that threats are detected quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Better Performance

Major performance improvements mean faster and smoother operation so you get more out of your computer while staying protected. F-Secure PC Protection Plus uses 70% less memory and scans for viruses 60% faster than before.

Better User Experience

Extensive usability studies have helped create a user experience that sets a new standard in safe PC use. All problems are handled automatically, so you’ll only receive notifications that confirms your continued safety.


Support! Full technical support 24/7… Call 611 With F-Secure the MonCre technical support staff can resolve most issues concerning computer viruses with just one call 24/7 to our Technical Support Center at 1-888-256-8365 or our new 611 number for telephone and internet support.


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