Internet Service


Moncre offers customers several options for Internet service in conjunction with phone service. These plans, however, do not include the costs for your local phone service. Learn more about Moncre’s Exciting Internet Opportunities

Web Space and Mailboxes

  • All Internet service customers are allowed 10 megabytes of personal Web space.
  • All Internet service customers are allowed three mailboxes at no additional charge.
  • Additional mailboxes are available to our customers at $5.00 each.
  • The amount of mail space available is 5 megabytes.
  • (Our customers may send messages with a maximum size of 5 megabytes).

Internet Service Information

  • Moncre offers 24/7 technical support, competitive pricing, reliable service, and a local provider you can trust.
  • For your convenience, Internet service may be billed to your Moncre phone bill.
  • To begin Internet service, customers should come into the Moncre office in Ramer.
  • All Moncre Internet customers are asked to abide by the company’s Acceptable Use Policy, which may be viewed by clicking here.
  • For more information about Internet service plans, call Donna Swords at: 334.562.3242

Moncre’s Internet Technical Support is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both Dial-Up and DSL by calling: 888.256.8365

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are available. This is an Internet Protocol address that remains the same each time a user logs on to the Internet. Because it is a fixed address, it is easier for other Internet users to locate, and connect to, the hosting computer. It will enable you to host a website, or other type of server connection, such as email or FTP server. However, this type of connection is also less secure than a dynamically assigned IP address, which changes each time you log on.