Stand Alone Internet

Internet only, no phone line required!

We understand that not everyone wants or needs a home phone. With MonCre’s Stand-alone internet service, you don’t have to have one.

Internet Service Information

  • Moncre offers 24/7 technical support, competitive pricing, reliable service, and a local provider you can trust.
  • For your convenience, Internet service may be billed to your Moncre phone bill.
  • To begin Internet service, customers should come into the Moncre office in Ramer.
  • All Moncre Internet customers are asked to abide by the company’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • For more information about Internet service plans, call Jill Hooks at: 334-562-3242

Moncre’s Internet Technical Support is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 888-256-8365.

Need Support?

  • Phone 334-562-3242
  • After Hours Support 888-256-8365
50/50 Mbps
Unlimited data
100/100 Mbps
Unlimited data
200/200 Mbps
Unlimited data

*Taxes not included.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are available. This is an Internet Protocol address that remains the same each time a user logs on to the Internet. Because it is a fixed address, it is easier for other Internet users to locate, and connect to, the hosting computer. It will enable you to host a website, or other type of server connection, such as email or FTP server. However, this type of connection is also less secure than a dynamically assigned IP address, which changes each time you log on.

Service Protection Plan

Customer service is our priority and we are always responsible for maintaining and repairing our own network facilities. But occasionally a problem may develop from the telephone, broadband and video wiring inside your home, and for those issues, you are usually responsible.
Service Protection Plan Document