Job Opening: Customer Service Representative

Posting Date: October 13, 2021

Job Title: Customer Service Representative

Job Purpose:Respond to public inquires on the selection and availability of services. Assist subscribers with new service request, deposits, and disconnects. Data entry for services orders. Sell and promote services of the company while dealing with new and existing customers. Communicate with superiors, vendors and subscribers to provide excellent service and support.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

Assist customers with new service requests, billing inquires, changes and disconnects.

Maintain digital and physical records of agreements

Help maintain subscriber bill records for updating directory.

Respond promptly to customer queries and complaints to find solutions.


Education: High School Diploma

12 Months Customer Service Experience

**Any employee interested in applying for this position must do so by submitting an application via mail at P O Box 125, Ramer, Alabama, 36069 or apply in person at 227 Main Street, Ramer, Alabama 36069.

Mon-Cre Telephone cooperative is an Equal Opportunity Employer.